AGM minutes

Willingham Wheels Cycle Club
Minutes of Meeting on February 1, 2012, 8 pm, Duke of Wellington
Item 1
Subs collected for club disbursements and memberships of CTC from attendees:
Dom, Robin, Liz and Les, David, Kev, Chris, Nigel, Paul
These cover insurance and website charges.
Item 2
Thursday evening rides to be more socially aligned – shorter distances, minimum cycling effort – in the hope that others from the village will join in.
Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings to continue on an ad-hoc basis with times and distances varying to suit participants. Other rides to be organised by those who feel the urge.
Item 3
Dates for sportives and special outings
Sundary, March 25 – Richardson Rumble (DONE!)
Saturday, April 28 – Thetford Forest mountain biking day (to be organised by Robin) (DONE! brilliant - thanks Robin!)
Sunday, May 27 – Norwich 50/100
Sunday, June 17 – Flatout in the Fens
Saturday, June 30 – Dunwich Dynamo
July – Willingham Wheels overnight ride to the coast (to be organised by David).
Sunday, August 5 – Suffolk Coast
Sunday, Sept. 16 – Oxford to Cambridge
September 13 – 25, Alpine Training, Les Houches/Mont Blanc, France
Sunday, Sept. 30 – Cambridge to Norwich
Sunday, October 7, Willingham Feast Ely Bike Ride (+ Cider Fest)
Item 4
Drivers always to be reimbursed in full for petrol money by passengers on away trips.
Meeting ended 9.15, restrained drinking continued.

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