AGM Minutes and Plans for 2018

Willingham Wheels AGM, Monday 22nd January, 2018


Let us know by email what you fancy doing. Names only indicate interest shown at AGM.

Sunday 11th February 2018, the UK’s newest event.
St Ives, out and back obvious takers as yet, but a good one to aim for as we try to shed the Christmas weight.

Saturday 10th March – MTB ride around Thetford Forest.
Robin to lead. Possibility of doing another in April.


Saturday 17th March 2018 – The Cambridge Pork Pie

8 am from the Recreation Pavilion, Girton, Cambridge (next to the church).

Distance: 214 km   in 14h16

Time: 08:00   to finish by 22:16

Starting from: Girton , Cambridge

Fee:  £7.50   ( £8.50 when paying via PayPal)

Closing date: 3 Mar 2018 - Dave and Paul “quite” keen



Saturday 17 March 2018 – The Cambridge Spring Dash 100 (Audax)

9am from the Recreation Pavilion, Girton, Cambridge (next to the church).

111km, 12.5 to 30kph (3h24m to 8h10m).  900m of climbing.
Recommended by Robin, looks like a good option, some general interest.

Sunday 18th March 2018 – Richardsons Rumble Come And Try Sportive.
100Mile | 67Mile | 38Mile  
Start/Finish: St Ives, Cambridgeshire Often done this one in the past, but Spring Dash above looks more promising at the mo.


Sunday 29th April – Cambridge 50/35 starting & finishing at IVC (Histon).
( Popular ride, general interest.


Saturday 13th May – Lincoln Grand Prix Sportive
Highly recommended by Robin.


Sunday 27th May – Concrete Cows and Cock & Bull. A ride around Milton Keynes.
Nigel to lead and will use Doodlepool to gather riders and finalise date.


Sun 3rd June 2018 – GRAND FONDO / Melo Velo:
From 12.00hrs Les, Graham, Paul; entries still possible; Melo Velo good alternative


June 14/15/16/17 Inaugural CiderCycle (Roger Wilkins place to Willingham. Relay event. Ken to provide details/planning. Russel, Kay, Les, Robin, Kev, Ken, Paul, Tim and Nigel all possible.

Tynedale ride and beer festival: Back to County Durham if anyone is up for this in June for a few days. Beerfest is Saturday 16th. I will volunteer to be the designated driver that day, or we get taxis there and back, or we stay one night at a B&B in Corbridge, as I did in 2014. (Event and B&B would need early booking as availability goes quickly that weekend). – if CiderCycle above goes ahead, this will probably have to wait a year.

Sunday, 1st July – London to Cambridge
Always a good one to do.


Weds. July 11 – Tues. July 17 - Les Houches.

Pauls van – 5 bikes and passengers, Les’s car 4 bikes and 5 passengers with Les’s bike in LH already. So more than 10 and we will need another car – or people flying with their bikes.
David, Paul, Carolyn, Chris, Ken, Les, Liz, Debbie, others possible. Partners welcome.



Sun, 23rd Jul 2017 Suffolk Coast Sportive
Venue: Glemham Hall, Little Glemham, Nr. Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 0BT
Event Organiser: Contact Event Organiser For Route Maps & More Information 
Lots of general interest, very nice route.

 Sun 29 July 2018 Prudential Ride London 2018  Only Nigel with a chance


 28/29 July 2018 Dunwich Dynamo XXVI – Overnight, 120 miles

Chris, Nigel, Robin, Ross, Paul; earlier start to avoid mass exodus out of London (and get to the food midway before it is all gone)


Histon Strawberry 50 ( is usually in early September (2018 date yet to be advertised) Lots of general interest, very nice ride.


Heacham/Hunstanton Summer ride 18 or 19 August to be decided based on weather outlook.


Christmas dinner At the Bank again, Monday 3rd December, same format as 2017.


Sofa to 50 km in 8 weeks

Nigel to take the lead. The idea is that we support British Cycling in getting people into the sport, or even just a bit fitter, but offering supported rides on a Tuesday and Thursday. Several of us said we would be happy to take beginners out while others do their usual rides. Nigel has already done the publicity for the Willingham News (March issue) and we’ll put the same piece on the Willingham Life website, our own website and FB page, and the Willingham Village FB page.




Present: Les (via Skype), Nigel, Pete, Kev, Ken, Robin, Clive, Paul, Chris, Tim, Richard

Subs paid by (almost) all who were physically present. Those who have not paid, please transfer to account or drop a tenner through the door of 5 Green St. in an envelope with your name on it.

Accounts up to year-end 2017 approved. 

Cycling UK membership for 2018 approved. Affiliate membership now costs £24. Paul to arrange for new members Chris, Clive, Pete, Richard, others?. Existing affiliates merely have to renew.

Standard ride dates and times agreed:

Tuesday evening training ride 20 – 30 miles (or Sofa to 50 km – see below, P. 4):
19.30 The Porterhouse (TPH), 19.40 Bus Guideway (GBW) Longstanton

Thursday evening pub/social ride 15 – 20 miles (or Sofa to 50 km – see below, P. 4):
19.30 The Porterhouse (TPH), 19.40 Guided Busway (GBW) Longstanton

Sunday morning – various distances depending on training needs:
Two default times:
09.00 The Porterhouse (TPH), 09.10 Guided Busway (GBW) Longstanton
10.30 The Porterhouse (TPH), 10.40 Guided Busway (GBW) Longstanton

Riders requested to make sure they communicate their intentions.

Other days and times not a problem but again info to the email group appreciated so others can join in.


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