Alpine Adventure - Joux-Plane

Swallowed hard and went for the Joux-Plane yesterday! After the Cat. 1 Col de Colombiere yesterday, this was a really daunting challenge - Hors de Categorie or too steep for a Deux Chavaux to travel up.


Not incident free as Phil blew a tyre (not a tube, a tyre) about half way up so we did some bike juggling when we others were on our way back down so that Phil could finish the climb on Paul's bike while the rest of us went to fetch the trailer.


We were planning a circuit but because of the trouble we had to content ourselves with the up and down and a stop in a bar. Second mishap was 'losing' Phil's front wheel - we are not sure if it was stolen while parked or whether it jumped off the trailer on the mountain. We all think either of these possibilities are equally unlikely/likely but, whichever it was, we ended up with only 4 front wheels!



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