Cambridge CTC ride Sunday 17th June 2012

On this quiet Sunday when most people seemed to have other things to do, Darren and Paul went downtown to join the Cambridge CTC "moderate" ride, set at a mere 80 miles or so and heading for Bury St. Edmunds ... and back!
Adrian Lee, the ride leader, did indeed set a moderate pace, which was perfect after we had pushed it a bit to get to the "Brookside" meeting point on the Lensfield Road/Fen Causeway junction by 8.30 a.m. We stayed with them until the first stop at Tubby T's café on the A 143 near Stradishall (highly recommended if you are down that way) and then followed the Newmarket Road back in the hope that it wasn't too much of a long way round. We did 66 miles, which was a feat in itself, and getting back westwards against the wind was a real grind. That said, we'll do it again sometime. Beautiful part of the country southeast of Cambridge. Darren was well impressed and has now become a CTC member just so he can do more of the same.
From Darren:
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Ride Time: 4:37:28
Stopped Time: 1:50:42 (breakfast at Tubby T's and a cup of tea and cake at Notcutts, Horningsea)
Distance: 66.30 miles
Average: 14.34 mph
Fastest Speed: 32.16 mph
Ascent: 1003 feet
Descent: 988 feet
Calories: 3708
How it was advertised:
Sunday 17th Jun: Sunday all-day ride (moderate, 70-80 miles) Meet at 9.00am at Brookside. Coffee is at Stradishall, Tubby T's Cafe. Lunch is at Bury St Edmunds, The Abbey Gardens. Tea is at 4.00pm at Newmarket, Coffee & Co. Leader: Adrian Lee (01223 565834).

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