Chris Harrison London to Paris June 15 - 20: Update (click on Read more)

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18th June
Arrived in Compiegne, c 250 miles from Blackheath. Les's gloomy weather forecast mostly correct + am v grateful to Paul for overshoes. Some big hills on first day in Kent and also yesterday surprisingly. Nice route on v quiet roads. Went through Somme cemeteries + stopped at Thivault war memorial, so didn't think my afternoon of rain + wind on a bike really
compared with other suffering that particular landscape had witnessed.
Anyway, demain Paris!

22nd June:
Back in Cambridge now after a wetter and windier ride to Paris than I had
bargained on when I booked to go on the mid June date,
Despite the wind and rain, the ride was fun and I was
pleasantly free of aches and pains by the time we reached Paris. There
were over 50 of us doing the ride, ranging in age from 21 to 71 and,
fuelled up with huge quantities of bananas, flapjacks and pasta we all
made it to Paris. So far I have raised over £2600 plus £600 in gift aid.
This is loads more than I ever expected to raise and I cannot tell you how
grateful I am to everyone for their support!



by Chicken Kev on Fri, 06/17/2011 - 14:21
Following yet another operation on my Achilles tendon, I will have all the bandages removed soon. Then you try and hold me back..... Look out boys Kev will soon be back in the saddle...hopefully.

by lhambly on Sun, 06/19/2011 - 18:06
Liz and I led an alternative Willingham Wheels Sunday morning ride today. In fact nobody else came - as we started and finished in St Helier, Jersey. An extremely efficient outfit pitched up with a van and a couple of decent hybrid bikes at our hotel at 09:30 and handed over a couple of helmets, a pump, a repair outfit and a lock. After a quick check over the bikes we launched into the teeth of a bit of a gale on the seafront and set off on what was a (nearly full) tour of the island. The weather was reasonably kind as the only heavy rain was when we had stopped for a cup of tea after about 12 miles. The trails were extremely pleasant and well maintained and kept us off the hideously busy main roads. A few very steep but thankfully mostly short hills were thrown in and we only needed two pints and an omelette at a nice pub on the north coast to sustain us on what was about 30 miles in total. Would have been a bit more but the weather started to close in so we headed home about tea time. Highly recommended route if any of you are ever here and have time for a ride. Pictures are available but I have no idea how to post them so unless anyone advises me online you'll have to wait! Au revoir. Les & Liz
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