Hunstanton Day Out

The route and details:
Great day out! Photos here courtesy of Wendy:
Superb ride! Wind behind us gusting up to 20 mph, so 16.5 mph average for the 70 miles was no problem.
Attendees Ken, Nigel, Kev, Robin, Les, Paul. Nigel supplied the map book (cover illustrated), which was brilliant. Thanks to Liz, Carolyn, Tess, Wendy and Emma for making the journey by car/van to bring us all back, and to David, Fiona, Lila and Sam for driving up to join us. Thanks also to Ken for supplying a crate of booze! Duly consumed with chocolate supplied by Nigel on the dunes of Old Hunstanton beach after a meal at the Ancient Mariner. (We didn't win the Lotto, by the way!)

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