Kavanagh Completes Raid Pyrenean

Noel writes:

The Raid was the toughest most knackering thing I've ever done. 720 kms cycling from the Atlantic to the Med, with 11,000 m ascent, that had to be completed in 100 hours to qualify for the official medal and certificate. I finished just 20 minutes inside the limit !!!

To give you a taste of the demands, on the second day (139 kms) the three cols to be climbed included not only the Aubisque (1,709m) but also the ferocious Tourmalet (2115m) and it was done in freezing rain and mist. As the days went on it became hotter reaching c 80s F with blazing sunshine on the Friday.

Whole thing, a great experience undertaken with a splendid bunch of fellow bikies.

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