London Ride - Box and Leith Hills

Hi Guys. 

I checked out a few hills ahead of RideLondon yesterday, with a friend. This is our route if you are interested..   Leith and Box were the final two of the climbs we did.


(the stats are from my mate Alan,who is rather better than I).


I was keen to check out Leith Hill and Box Hill in advance of this year's event, as they were cut from the course last year due to bad weather.


In the context of the facts that a) I am nowhere near peak fitness yet and b) still carrying too many pounds, this is what I learned....



The good news - Box Hill was a real pleasure to ride. Beautifully smooth surface and OK if you take it at a steady pace. I just plodded my way up it to the cafe at the top. The not-so good news - Leith Hill is a little toughie. It's not as long as Box Hill, but a lot harder. There are sections over 12% and it's deceptive - places where you think and hope you may be nearing the end, but then find out you are not. There are about 5 sections that required my lowest gear, with short recovery sections, still uphill, where you can go up a gear. There were a few times when I would have liked to pause for a rest, but I focused and (just) kept moving in a forward direction. It's all in the mind! And I'd never have got going again if I had stopped. The top 40% is worse than the lower part and I was very pleased when I reached the top.Definitely had a sweat on by the end of that climb.


I made two notes - lose a stone before August, and don't push it in the mile or two before Leith Hill, to have as much energy as possible at that point.


Definitely a nice day out. Try them if you get the opportunity.





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