Richardsons Rumble 2012

Clocks went forward on Sat. 24th, so it was an extra early start on 25th, with most of us having to register for this 69-miler heading NW from St. Ives and then back again. Us being (l to r) Phil, Paul (me), Chris, Kev and Dom. Fog meant the start was delayed from 8.30 to 10.15, unless you had a back light, which we didn't. Champing at the bit, Kev was first of the 350 to take off from the starting line, and we followed as best we could. I was left at the first hill and waved a happy goodbye in the knowledge that I could go at my own pace (i.e. painfully slow). Phil came back to see if I needed company, but I didn't - can't bear holding people up, so he had to push hard to catch the others up again. Apparently Dom (too modest to tell us his time) was first to tuck into the free beans on toast at the "Local Café" as St. Ives' sponsoring local café is cunningly called, Kev did it in just under the magic 4 hours, Phil and Chris were also close and had finished their beans on toast as I arrived to - as I thought - ironic applause from the assembled wives of the organisers. Everyone pleased with their effort, myself included with an average time just over 16 mph. There was tentative talk about meeting at the Duke in the afternoon, but none of us made it. Truly cream crackered and very sore in the seat region. Nice ride up to Oundle and back around via a more southern leg. Impressed by the organisation, other than the online registration appearing to close a day earlier than advertised. Local Café actually very good - looks like nothing from the front, but good selection of inexpensive food. Also free food half way round, which was really nice. Met several riders for a chat along the way.

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