Thetford Forest MTB outing

Sunday April 28, 2012. Weather attrocious, so Les and I thought we'd just go through the preparations just in case - my van, his (fantastic) trailer. And then .... everyone turned up! Well, nothing for it but to carry on to Thetford through the wind and rain. And then it stopped. Just as we got the last bike out of the trailer (or off Nigel's car). The day was organised by Robin and he got Simon, his bruv-in-law, and Mark - the bil's son - to come along as old hands and guide us around. And between them they showed us all the delights - the Skip, the Washing Machine, the Beast, the flipping big puddles .... Excellent luncheon of bacon, sausage and egg bap (although I'm sure I saw Robin just having a bowl of soup ... . very team unspirited, if you ask me). That heralded Nigel and Liz's departure as duty called, leaving us to do another 1.5 hours and then a quick cup of coffee with Fiona and the beautiful Lila who had come to take David on to Norwich. Said fond goodbyes to Simon and Mark. That left Levi, Robin, Les, Kev and me for the return journey, listening to Sports Report on Five Live. That takes me back - sweaty, weary and happy (plus several other dwarves) hearing the footy scores on the way back from a game ourselves. Except no balls on this jaunt - unless you count decending on two wheels into a bomb crater.
The morning route:

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