FNRttC: Friday Night Rides to the Coast!

On the way down to London for the Dunwich Dynamo ride, Paul and I met another rider (quite likely better prepared than we were!). We got talking, and he mentioned going on these monthly rides from London to a different coastal town each ride (and back to London by train) - Friday Night Rides to the Coast!

We both thought - What a great idea! Perhaps not this year - the group already has quite a full schedule of longer rides - but maybe next year?

You can read more about FNRttC in this article (Adventures of the night riders) here:

And the FNRttC website here:

An alternative might be to do our own Friday (or Saturday) Night Ride to the Coast - aiming for a coastal town in Norfolk, and back by train; Cromer would be fine, and at 90 miles or thereabouts, doable by most of us (with some practice!). Willingham/Ely/Downham Market/Swaffham/Fakenham/Cromer. Maybe we could invite other groups along?



by Sbrooker on Tue, 07/19/2011 - 23:27
I'm liking the idea of coastal night rides, I agree David about arranging our own. Would be easier then going from London. Sean
Paul Knighton's picture

by Paul Knighton on Wed, 07/20/2011 - 19:27
I'm totally hooked on the idea of riding through the night to the coast. The sense of freedom is amazing. There is the Peddlar's Way ride still to organise properly, so maybe we can sort something out. Paul
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