A long way to Norwich

Apologies for not writing these notes earlier - only 4 weeks late!!

A handful (me, Chris, Robin, David, and Kevin) of early birds got started about 06:30 on 2nd October - remember the hot weekend? - and found our way by Land Rover and trailer, courtesy of Liz, to Midsummer Common. At approx 07:40 we set of in cool sunshine towards Norwich by what turned out to be a very wibbly wobbly quiet route.

We soon escaped Cambridge and worked our way out into the wilds first of Suffolk then Norfolk. We were blessed by a gentle SW breeze and the most perfect weather you could imagine - for the entire route! We arrived at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital (because that's where the route went, not because we needed a hospital!) about 12:30 ish - with a road speed average of nearly 17 mph. Some of us just had to have a pork and crackling roll from the hog-roast stall while we waited for Liz, the Land Rover and the trailer to arrive - see photo.

Next stop was a nice pub on the road back to Cambridge for a well earned beer - only one mind!! Hope the weather is the same next year.



by lhambly on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 19:44
Forgot to mention - it was 77 miles!
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by Admin on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 18:10
Wonderful! Fortunately my cousin Billy is 61 next year, so won't be having a party for another 5 years or so. Paul
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