2nd Alpine Adventure

A full-on day in the alps yesterday.

A reasonable climb up to the Col de Aravis, with some lovely scenery and hairpin bends. Then a 10 mile (yes 10 MILE) descent down to Thones. Followed by an ~8 mile climb up to the Col de Croix Fry, finishing off with another another ascent of the Col de Aravis and down the hairpins again to La Giettaz.

I think the beer on top of the Col De Aravis had an effect, and I forgot to start up the garmin again for the last descent.

1st Alpine Adventure

Les took it easy on us this morning.


Another ride planned for this afternoon


Inaugural Time Trial

Brilliantly organised by Dom, now the proud holder of almost as many stopwatches as bikes (we will reimburse you for the former, Dom), Eleven of us (Frances was the photographer) took to the guided busway for a timed 4 mile run heading towards Westwick and back again. The French call it the Race of Truth and the times tell no lies:
Ken 13 mins 57 secs. = 17 mph
Dave Snr. 13 mins 17 secs. = 18 mph
Nigel 13 mins 00 secs. = 18.5 mph
Dave Jnr. 12 mins 30 secs = 19.2 mph
Paul 12 mins. 15 secs = 19.6 mph
Frances 12 mins 04 secs = 19.9 mph

Darren does the London to Cambridge

On the day when Brad Wiggins became the first ever British cyclist to win the Tour de France, several thousand non-elite cyclists descended on the Big Smoke for the Tour d'East Anglia. 60 miles from London to Cambridge - a breeze for seasoned cyclists, but for the newcomers it would prove an impressive feat of endurance.

Darren's Ton with the CTC

Darren writes:
The Cambridge CTC ride was good fun on Sunday (30.6.12). As the advanced group weren't riding that day, I think it made the pace of this 'moderate ride' much more challenging.

I rode 104 miles including my journey to and from Longstanton. Average speed of 14.17mph.

Here's the route we took:


More on the CTC blog:

Dunwich Done Again

Only David and Paul this time with others otherwise indisposed (possibly a good choice). Rather than go down to London, we set off at 7.30 pm on Saturday evening (30.6.12) and cycled the 50 or so miles via the back lanes to Sible Hedingham. After a 30 min. rest there we followed the set route as indicated below with the moon and - finally - the 13 mph breeze behind us.

Suffolk one day cycle challenge 24th June 2012

Chris writes: I found yesterday's 100 mile ride round Suffolk countryside in pouring rain and strong wind pretty exhausting.

Grafham Water Sunday 24th June 2012

Robin, Nigel and Paul braved the brisk breeze to Grafham, had a cuppa, cake and butty and then returned with the wind in our backs.
Here's the route - thanks to Robin as usual for the planning and Nigel for the Garmin. My contribution was to fall off for the second week running.

Cambridge CTC ride Sunday 17th June 2012

On this quiet Sunday when most people seemed to have other things to do, Darren and Paul went downtown to join the Cambridge CTC "moderate" ride, set at a mere 80 miles or so and heading for Bury St. Edmunds ... and back!

Kev goes flat-out

Kevin took to the hills of the Fenlands as he entered the Flat Out in the Fens annual sportive with the choice of 77, 112 or 154 miles (Sunday 17th June, 2012). He says: As it was Father’s day and my daughter promised to buy me a pint in the pub, I of course opted for the 77 miles. However this was very tough as the wind seemed to be head-on from all directions. Setting off with an average speed in excess of 20mph I soon realised that the peloton could do without my help and I elected to go at a more sensible pace.


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