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Help For Heroes Ride 28th April 2013

Richardson's Rumble 2013

It was kinda at the limit of what any of us (left to right: Darren, Paul, Robin, Chis, Kev) want to do on a bike. Got up at 6.30 on a Sunday, for a start! Then looked out of the window and saw snow on the cars and on the grass, but not on the road, so that meant no excuses (under severe peer pressure of being called a whimp). Cold, wet and windy, but we all managed it. There is never any choice, unless you want to turn back, which we saw 6 or so people do.

Revised date: Sunday 28th April Spring Ride / Help4Heroes

Dear All (please also pass this on to your friends),
In support of Nigel's Help for Heroes appeal (see below), we plan to do a spring ride to Cambridge City Cemetery on Sunday, 28th April. The idea is to raise money for Help4Heroes, so the charge will be £10 per adult and £2 per child under 16. Any additional money you can raise through your own sponsorship will, of course, be most welcome.
We want to stay together as a group, so you can be sure of a gentle ride.

Robin's Record of the Alpine Adventure (brilliant!)

Willingham Wheels Alpine Adventure 2012
Robin's Video is now available to view in the comfort of your own home on YouTube!
Go to for  a look!


With thanks to Noel (how apt) for the Cartoon and happy birthday to him on 25th.
Next dates for your new diaries:
7th Feb: AGM at the Duke, 8pm,
10th March: Richardson's Rumble

Alpine Adventure - Joux-Plane

Swallowed hard and went for the Joux-Plane yesterday! After the Cat. 1 Col de Colombiere yesterday, this was a really daunting challenge - Hors de Categorie or too steep for a Deux Chavaux to travel up.


Not incident free as Phil blew a tyre (not a tube, a tyre) about half way up so we did some bike juggling when we others were on our way back down so that Phil could finish the climb on Paul's bike while the rest of us went to fetch the trailer.


Alpine Adventure Part Deux, 1st day

Robin, David, Phil (from Fleet) and Paul's (shown here in the centre of Chamonix - nice of the locals to turn out to meet us in such high numbers) turn for some Alpine pain at the hands of Les.

This is what we managed after a morning flight to GVA and transfer to Les Houches:


Just a small preparation for what is to come


More tomorrow - if we return!



4th Alpine Adventure

Another day, another Cat 1 climb.

Les and I tackled the Col de la Colombiere as part of a circular route, also taking in Mount Saxonnex after a nice 20 mile descent.

You guys are going to love the cycling here. Les has been a magnificent host, and I've told him to put you through some pain in the mountains.

Signing off for the last time,

3rd Alpine Adventure

Bit of a rest day today (yesterday has taken its toll somewhat). Les and I just went out on a quick leg stretcher in the afternoon.
A short sharp climb in Chamonix then a longer climb up to a ski station at Maisonneuve.

Noel is leaving us tomorrow and has been planning his ride on the road to Roanne (not ruin).

Planning a big one for tomorrow (maybe).



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