Suffolk Coast Musketeers

Sunday August 7, 2011 will go down in the anals as a fine day for speed, effort, beach, fish'n'chips, beer with a cider chaser and a saunter in the woodland sunlight (give you a headache if you mix 'em, but it's worth it). Great camaraderie .... Kev, Robin and Paul (right to left), not to mention Ross, David, Simon and friends, Wendy, Jo, Badger and - somewhere round and about - Noel and Missus on a new bike. What can I say? With the 20 mph wind behind us, we left the pack for dead - well, until the beach, fish'n'chips, beer, cider and saunter in the woodland sunlight we did!!

London to Cambridge Brooker Prize

Sean writes:

Had a fantastic London to Cambridge ride, due to riding solo after my friend had to pull out, I decided to just go for it and finished in 3hrs 35mins. I have the bug now looking forward to riding as part of a group next time.

Three Horseshoes, Houghton

Thursday pub ride - one of our favourites just 10 miles away as the crow flies, or as the bike bumps in our particular case due to Robin not being there to guide us. Les, Liz (she of the hilarious head-first sideways down-lode topple), Nigel and Paul, with Fiona and David already there when we arrived (having cheated).
Classic river scenery, good beer and a bowl of chips to counteract debilitating calorie loss. Nigel's Garmin trail (also his photo adjacent):

FNRttC: Friday Night Rides to the Coast!

On the way down to London for the Dunwich Dynamo ride, Paul and I met another rider (quite likely better prepared than we were!). We got talking, and he mentioned going on these monthly rides from London to a different coastal town each ride (and back to London by train) - Friday Night Rides to the Coast!

We both thought - What a great idea! Perhaps not this year - the group already has quite a full schedule of longer rides - but maybe next year?

Dunwich Dynamo Done and Dusted

The Dunwich ride went as well as we could have hoped. Les' forecast was spot on - deluge to clear before we leave, super sunny evening and dry weather all the way with a nice tail wind. Sunny morning along the East Anglian coast.

Kavanagh Completes Raid Pyrenean

Noel writes:

The Raid was the toughest most knackering thing I've ever done. 720 kms cycling from the Atlantic to the Med, with 11,000 m ascent, that had to be completed in 100 hours to qualify for the official medal and certificate. I finished just 20 minutes inside the limit !!!

Sunday Spin - 26th June

With sincere apologies to Dave (1st on left - just) a pose on the green before setting off on an anticlockwise turn round the Cottenham-Haddenham loop. Met a few Tour de Fens riders on the first half of the loop - they were between a third and a half way round their 120 miles or so! (read more...)

WWheels in Jersey

Just one pic to prove we were there and climbed at least one hill - hope you can see its a long way down to the water!

King William, Fenstanton

This Thursday it was Sean, Nigel, David, Robin and Paul wending their way with their hard tails along the riverbank from Willingham Pound Lane via Overcote and past the lakes on to Fenstanton. Never seen the river looking more bootiful. White swans, rushes, lily pads and sunset sky reflections. Two pints at the King Bill and then home by 10.30 - a bit later than we thought, but you can't rush these things. Nigel's Garmin map of Robin's route:

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