Dunwich Done Again

Only David and Paul this time with others otherwise indisposed (possibly a good choice). Rather than go down to London, we set off at 7.30 pm on Saturday evening (30.6.12) and cycled the 50 or so miles via the back lanes to Sible Hedingham. After a 30 min. rest there we followed the set route as indicated below with the moon and - finally - the 13 mph breeze behind us.

Suffolk one day cycle challenge 24th June 2012

Chris writes: I found yesterday's 100 mile ride round Suffolk countryside in pouring rain and strong wind pretty exhausting.

Grafham Water Sunday 24th June 2012

Robin, Nigel and Paul braved the brisk breeze to Grafham, had a cuppa, cake and butty and then returned with the wind in our backs.
Here's the route - thanks to Robin as usual for the planning and Nigel for the Garmin. My contribution was to fall off for the second week running.

Cambridge CTC ride Sunday 17th June 2012

On this quiet Sunday when most people seemed to have other things to do, Darren and Paul went downtown to join the Cambridge CTC "moderate" ride, set at a mere 80 miles or so and heading for Bury St. Edmunds ... and back!

Kev goes flat-out

Kevin took to the hills of the Fenlands as he entered the Flat Out in the Fens annual sportive with the choice of 77, 112 or 154 miles (Sunday 17th June, 2012). He says: As it was Father’s day and my daughter promised to buy me a pint in the pub, I of course opted for the 77 miles. However this was very tough as the wind seemed to be head-on from all directions. Setting off with an average speed in excess of 20mph I soon realised that the peloton could do without my help and I elected to go at a more sensible pace.

Bury St. Edmunds Wheel - defo one for the future

From Robin: Nigel, Simon and Will, a friend of mine, cycled Bury yesterday, and what a fantastic day it was, the weather behaved with light winds and sunshine. The route was more down than up and the 50 miles went by all too quickly. Without doubt this is one to go for big time next year. Every penny went to the charity, we even got a medal and a water bottle to mark the event. In all a fantastic day out.
Click on Read more for route and website ....

Thetford Forest MTB outing

Sunday April 28, 2012. Weather attrocious, so Les and I thought we'd just go through the preparations just in case - my van, his (fantastic) trailer. And then .... everyone turned up! Well, nothing for it but to carry on to Thetford through the wind and rain. And then it stopped. Just as we got the last bike out of the trailer (or off Nigel's car). The day was organised by Robin and he got Simon, his bruv-in-law, and Mark - the bil's son - to come along as old hands and guide us around.

Richardsons Rumble 2012

Clocks went forward on Sat. 24th, so it was an extra early start on 25th, with most of us having to register for this 69-miler heading NW from St. Ives and then back again. Us being (l to r) Phil, Paul (me), Chris, Kev and Dom. Fog meant the start was delayed from 8.30 to 10.15, unless you had a back light, which we didn't. Champing at the bit, Kev was first of the 350 to take off from the starting line, and we followed as best we could. I was left at the first hill and waved a happy goodbye in the knowledge that I could go at my own pace (i.e. painfully slow).

AGM minutes

AGM minutes with sportives and special rides scheduled for 2012

Website Update - Important -

Deear All,
Just to let you know that we have updated the site to make it a bit more secure (had problems with bots etc.) so now, to enter you have to copy the code indicated on the right of the screen (note - entries are case sensitive). We have deleted a couple of accounts that looked a bit suspicious, so if you find you are no longer able to log in, please just go through the procedure one more time. We recommend you put your real name and fill in the profile form so that you are readily identifiable as a bona fide member.


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